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Non Surgical Facelift in Karol Bagh & Noida Sector 15

For decades, there certainly was no option in addition to surgery for somebody eyeing to treat facial drooping. Early fillers were not sturdy enough to cause facial lifting and did not last long enough (the typical filler lasted 4-6 months). The invention of merchandises like Juvederm Voluma which have a much sturdier lifting potential and last over 18-24 months transformed all that. Using methods such as ‘8 point lift’ and its several alterations it is possible to offer a superb improvement in facial drooping in mild-moderate cases. One can look ten years younger over the space of an hour without necessitating operation and its attendant complications like lengthy retrieval time, blemishing and pain.

Thermage Treatment in Karol Bagh & Noida

Thermage is a non-invasive, safe, painfree cosmetic technique that utilizations radio frequency to trick facial skin into creating more collagen, which is a protein that makes skin look more youthful and more advantageous. Thermage treatment takes only 45 minutes to an hour and doesn’t require general or nearby sedatives of any sort. Meetings can be finished at the specialist’s office and recuperation time is about nonexistent.

Thermage is the only non-surgical facelift procedure that helps tighten your skin in a single treatment. A certified dermatologist in Noida , Dr Shruti Dewan,  offers this exciting latest treatment to her patients in Karol Bagh , Delhi & Noida.

Injectable fillers for a non-surgical facelift in Karol Bagh & Noida

tive is to offer quality medical and aesthetic dermatology in a cutting-edge clinical setting. You can contact our team for Injectable Fillers for Non-Surgical Facelift in Karol Bagh, Delhi and  Noida Sector 15.