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Botox or Botulinum toxin is a constituent that temporarily paralyzes the muscles at the nerve-muscle junction to permit the skin to relax and revitalize. Being an extremely safe process, it is the most popular treatment for getting rid of undesirable wrinkles, worry lines, crow’s feet, dangling corners on the mouth and lower face, neck wrinkles or bands and even unwarranted sweating.


Botox for neck is an equitably new procedure which eliminates the need of any surgery for a tauter and more contoured neck and jawline. Many individuals develop nasty neckbands or necklines which make them look older and unappealing. The process called Nefertiti Treatment encompasses the usage of Botox in Noida on the lower jaw line and neck region, to re-balance the underlying muscles and to offer the desired lift of the neck and a firm jawline. Botox can be used to arrange for an anticipated chin for individuals who have a rough texture on the front part of the chin. The creping of the skin in the chin region can be significantly lessened using a trivial amount of Botox which can relax the muscles in the zone and give you a sharp and well contoured chin. The zone between the collar bones and the top of the breasts is one of the first zones to exhibit signs of ageing in females as crinkly or scaly lines begin to show up. Botox treatment in Noida ta our clinic can be effective in stopping crinkles from developing in the area and giving you a more young-looking appearance.


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