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Line Correction

One of the commonest treatments demanded when it comes to injectable fillers is the rectification of facial lines such as Nasolabial folds (lines along the sides of the nose), Mentolabial folds (lines along the sides of the mouth) and a plethora of fine lines all across the face. A multiplicity of fillers can be used for this purpose with admirable outcomes. Pure ‘line-filling’ is seldom implemented now since treating regions like the upper cheek has an effect of lifting the face and softening various of these lines; still when implemented as an addition to a treatment designed for global facial improvement, the outcomes you might get are noteworthy. Forehead lines that are resilient to botox, deep lines along the sides of the eyes and purse-string like lines around the mouth are other signs for the process and can takes years off the overall appearance of an individual.


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