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LED  Light Therapy

LED light treatment rightly known as “Light Emitting Diode” it is one of the non-invasive, painless and very soothing skincare therapy having several benefits mainly stimulating collagen and treating gentle to moderate acne. LED treatment uses a combination of healing wavelengths that emit low level light energy into the dermis layer of skin.

How long will effect last?

LED light therapy is a very effective treatment and when taken in proper intervals, usually 6 sittings at an interval of 7 to 10 days.

Later to sustain the result one can have a quarterly maintenance session. The treatment generally requires 20 to 30 minutes and very cost effective equivalent to a price of a facial.

LED Light Treatment in Noida

LED Light Therapy is a good option for anyone who wants to improve the overall appearance of their skin. It is effective & safe procedure for all skin types. During a LED light therapy skin treatment, a panel of gentle light is held right above your skin while you wear a protective cover over your eyes. At Arya Skin Clinic provide result oriented LED light therapy in Noida under the guidance of experienced dermatologists.